Testing Yourself After A Move

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Most people don’t want to unpack immediately after moving, and that’s completely fair. You don’t want to wait forever to unpack, but after a day filled with packing and moving, the idea of unpacking too might just be too much. You don’t have to feel guilty about it, you’re not alone. After all that work, you deserve to reward yourself and take some time to wind down.

Order Delivery Food

Going out at this point might seem like too much effort, and all of your pots and pans are packed still. Besides, you just worked yourself to the bone, the last thing that you want to do is hang out in front of a stove. So order in. You can have your dinner delivered to you, while means that you can hang out and relax for a little while. You can even unpack, if you really want to. Having food delivered is quick and efficient.

Play Some Games

You know what they say; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Get some games out, whether they’re board games or virtual ones, and call some friends over to have some fun. Consider it a house warming party – just make sure that there is enough space for them and none of your boxes are in the way.

Watch a Movie

Feel free to pull out a laptop or set up your television so that you can watch a movie. It’s a nice way to unwind, and it can go hand in hand with ordering in.

Go Out To Eat

Not everyone likes ordering food in, and if you have the energy to go out and eat, you might as well if that’s something that you want to do. You can get to know the area a little bit while you choose a place to eat.

Go To The Movies

If you don’t want to sit in front of a movie at home, but you still want to watch something, you can always go out and watch a movie. It’s a nice way to relax, and again, you get a chance to get to know the area.

Local Events

If there’s a local event near you that sounds interesting, you might as well make your first night here interesting.

Do You Need A Interior Designer?

Having a interior designer work with you can help make your home look the way you want it to. When choosing what Vancouver interior designer that you want to use make sure you consider what you are looking for in the room.



To Hire or Not to Hire an Interior Decorator

The saying goes – The home is where the heart is. Whether you have bought a new house or rented one is not a matter of concern. What matters is whether you have decided to make it your very own. The walls get a new meaning and the house turns into your home. For you every room becomes special and decorating it, is inevitable! However your heart can have no boundaries, so as themes and ideas cross your mind, it becomes necessary to objectively streamline them.

Can you sit down all by yourself and understand if your idea and/or theme can work for a particular room? Are you already an expert on interior designs and decoration? Do you have budgets that you can push to get what you want? Are you convinced you don’t need professional help to give you different perspectives? If the answer to any of the questions is ‘No’, then it’s time to look for an interior decorator.

Banish the notion!

Before we get down to looking at what an interior decorator can do for you, it’s best to remove certain notions about them. The most common being ‘interior decorators are expensive’. It’s true that when you budget for furniture and furnishings for your room, you also need to consider the interior decorators fee. But unlike common belief, that one needs to shell out $250 an hour, you can hire young talented decorators who will do the job at half the price. In fact there are specialist companies that can do up your entire room for $250. Another point, worth making note of, is that decorators can get you discount on furniture which you may not get as an individual shopper. And this discount is going to be same whether you hire a decorator from a big company or a small one. You can assume that these discounts put-together add up to what you are paying for the decorator’s services. So do you see a win-win situation now?

Get Perspective.

You have ideas and that’s great to get started with. To rationalize and to conceptualize them you need professional advice and experience. What seems very aesthetic sometimes may not suit you practically or vice-versa! All themes may not go well together under the same roof while others may complement perfectly. If you are open to suggestions and alternatives to what you may have had in mind, it’s easier to work with decorators as this will help you capitalize on the insights they have. And why not, when you are paying for it!

Is it Designer or Regular?

Now here is an opportunity for you. You could always walk into the best store and pick a piece of furniture of your choice. But if you wanted it just the way you saw it in a design magazine, then your decorator could help you get it and better still at a significantly lower cost. Yes, the chances that your professional decorator has in getting designer items for you are much better than if you tried to procure them yourself. Your professional decorator could help you do walkthroughs of these showrooms. This will give you an idea of the look and feel of the furniture you intend to buy.

Are you too busy?

It does take quite a lot of time to get the whole house done up. Sometimes the themes can be so demanding that finding the corresponding furniture could take long. Sometimes after ideation you may find that the estimates overshoot your budget and things have to be re-done from scratch! During these instances you will find that the guidance of a professional decorator is invaluable. Also, with a decorator on job, you have the flexibility to outsource jobs that really don’t require your presence. Be it, coordinating help for painting, civil work or installations and delivery, you could get your interior decorator to supervise it for you.

To make a home that you desire depends on you. Interior decoration involves a good deal of your investment in terms of time, effort and money and the purpose is to see heart-warming results. So it is for you to make the right decision and why not get started on it now?